A Partnership Dedicated to Your Growth

Market Pwr gives you the tools, strategy and coaching to get your marketing dialed.

The Market Pwr Approach

Build your perfect client, identify their problems, and why you're the best one to solve them


Attract your audience with targeted social media that provides value. Plus get exclusive coaching workshops Neel Dhingra, social media guru.

Attract and Connect

Next-level lead generation using advanced tools that build a pipeline of ready-to-act prospects.



Monthly Social Media Coaching with Neel Dhingra

Neel is the founder of Forward Academy, and an authority in maximizing social media for real estate and mortgage marketing.

The RE social media guru will host a monthly team video call to provide feedback and guide your personal branding and audience growth.

Monthly Deal-Making session with Sam May

Sam May, 20 year mortgage veteran and rainmaker will hold Lunch and Learns every month for Market Pwr teams to help you turn prospects into escrows.

One-on-one strategy and tactics sessions

Each member gets monthly one-on-one sessions with our dedicated, experienced marketers to refine their strategy, discuss your tactics, and evaluate results.

Marketing and Video Content

Social Media Content and Videos

Scripts curated with you, that deliver the right message at the right time. All videos are shot, edited and post produced for you and ready to use.

Geo-targeted online ads + ad development

Online display ad network targeted to your most optimal neighborhoods.

We'll work with you to design ads that align with your brand and value proposition. And most importantly, that get clicks.

Convert: Lead Generation

Maximize on what you've built with Marketpwr

We'll help you create and execute on modern lead generation programs and techniques. True to Marketpwr philosophy, these activities will be highly targeted - focusing on your Avatar - and reinforce your social media presence and personal brand.

Affordable Marketing for All

The Market Pwr co-op is here to make great marketing affordable for all of our members.

As a group, we can leverage economies of scale to drive down costs - and then we go one step further to split that cost with you.





Ready to Grow?

Seats are limited, and reserved on a first come, first serve basis.